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Regular gatherings:

Although not a formal club event, Tuesday and Thursday  6:00 to 8:00 is the best time.

In winter, we are in the Campbell River Pool. In summer, you can find us in the Campbell River Estuary. Most of this time is skills training and meeting fellow paddlers.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.


The club is a very informal and a fun place to meet other paddlers. Although there are some organised paddles on summer Wednesday evenings, most of the outings are arranged informally. Our surroundings   have some dangerous currents, which can be lots of fun with the right trainining. For this reason there is a strong emphasis on skills.

Summer or winter, we get together on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. This is not a formal club event but there are lots of opportunities to try kayaking, learn how to wet-exit, re-enter or even how to roll a kayak. This is also the best place to meet and make friends.

The club is a safe place to "have a go". Here you can also try out different equipment and ask lots of questions before buying your perfect boat. The club also has some safety equipment which can be borrowed for your next adventure!